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Anger at price of Australian Cadbury item now in the UK

Cadbury chocolate enthusiasts on UK soil have reason to rejoice as a familiar yet exotic treat has found its way onto supermarket shelves.

The spotlight shines on Cadbury’s Australian Twirl Bites, a favorite among Aussies for their unique flavors. Now, as reported by The Sun, shoppers in the UK have the opportunity to savor the taste of “Aus Twirl.”

However, the excitement comes with a caveat – the price tag. The cost of these delectable delights has raised eyebrows among eagle-eyed foodies who spotted them at discount store chain B&M.

Priced at PS2.99 ($A5.68) for a 110g bag, these “Aus Twirl” treats are notably more expensive than their original Twirl Bites counterparts, typically selling for around PS1.50 or occasionally PS2 in most supermarkets. Meanwhile, here in Australia, you can grab Twirl Bites for $5 for a 140-g bag.

Many declared the price “was not worth it.”

“PS3? They would be getting put straight back,” one frustrated Brit declared.

“Sounds nice but not for three quid,” another agreed.

Initial reactions from consumers have been mixed. Some enthusiasts were thrilled to find these Australian Cadbury chocolates in the UK, while others were disappointed, particularly with the strawberry-flavored variety, which they claimed tasted artificial.

It’s important to note these Australian Cadbury chocolates are not part of an official UK launch by Cadbury themselves. The company confirmed they do not directly sell these chocolates in the UK and have no plans to introduce them to the British market.

As for the availability of these Australian Cadbury Twirl Bites, it appears that fans can currently only purchase the strawberry and Caramilk flavors at B&M stores.

The timeline of when B&M began selling them remains unconfirmed.

This development occurs after some recent adjustments to Cadbury’s product line.

Customers have been surprised to find normal-sized Twirls in the party packs – called “Heroes” overseas but “Favourites” in Australia – instead of the bite-sized version, prompting discussions on social media.

Cadbury in the UK revealed there was a change to Twirl sizes in time for Christmas, as mini versions of the chocolates were no longer an option due to supply chain issues.

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