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Canadian shocked by common addition to Australian coffee

A Canadian has been left dumbfounded over how Australians make their coffee.

Josiah Hein was on board a domestic flight to the Gold Coast when he requested a coffee with ‘creamer’ – only to be met with apparent confusion from the flight attendant.

While most Australians are used to getting a little packet of whole milk when ordering a coffee on flights, Josiah explained that in the United States – where he had just been – people will get ‘creamer’ instead.

A Canadian in Australia has been left dumbfounded over one common Aussie coffee ingredient.

Despite the name, creamer is not real cream but rather a cream substitute made out of evaporated milk solids, vegetable oil, corn syrup, and various additives and preservatives.

“Flying back to Australia, and I ordered a coffee,” he said on his TikTok video that shows him sitting on a plane.

“There’s no creamer; they offered me milk. A stark contrast between North America and Australia.

“They are literally just adding milk to their coffees. They don’t know what creamer is.

“I was trying to explain it to the stewardess, or cabin crew. Kind of wild.”

Many people in the comments were shocked at Josiah’s reaction while pointing out that milk is a much healthier alternative.

“In Austraia we don’t need creamer, because our coffee is actually good,” one commented.

“We know what creamer is, we also know what it is made from.”

“Coffee creamer is poison,” another wrote.

“In Australia we only put natural ingredients in our coffee, not chemicals.”

“We know what it is, we just refuse to acknowledge it,” another user said.

“We don’t want everything to taste like diabetes.”

Upon arrival at his destination, Josiah also commented on how relaxed Australians are compared to Americans at the baggage carousel.

He noted how everyone seemed to “not care as much” about being as close as possible so they could grab their luggage.

“Australians don’t care as much,” he said, panning around the arrivals hall in a video titled ‘Australians display no urgency to get their baggage.’

“Most of them are on the other side of the carousel. It’s a different vibe.

“I don’t think Australians care as much, little bit less uptight up in here. That is my impression.”

His followers seemed to agree with his observation, saying that it was part of the Australian culture to be mindful of others.

“We Australians are more civilised and raised well,” one said.

“It’s not a lack of care, it’s an abundance of care,” another pointed out.

“We care about being courteous and giving space.”

“It’s polite to stand back so that everyone can actually see what bags are on the belt,” one user added.

“No point stressing over it. It’ll keep going round til we pick it up.”

Earlier this year, another Canadian man living in Australia expressed how shocked he was over how much Aussies get paid in a retail job.

The expat said before moving to Australia, he knew the minimum wage was high, but he didn’t expect it to be this high.

“Right now I’m looking for work, and I went into a retail place, and I was asking how much they get paid,” he said,

“For their casual work, they get paid $31 an hour. That’s insane. To compare, in Canadian dollars that’s $28 or, in US dollars, it’s $21 an hour.”

“So imagine working at Walmart and making $28 an hour in Canadian [dollars],” he added.

The minimum wage in Australia is $23.23 per hour or $882.80 per 38-hour week (before tax), according to the Fairwork Ombudsman.

It’s compared to $CAD16.65 per hour — $A18.80, while in the US federal minimum is $US7.25 per hour — about $A10.90.

“It’s absolutely crazy out here how much they pay people for labour,” the expat continued.

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