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Hilarious response to Macca’s pre-made ‘secret’ reveal

Social media users have scoffed at a video attempting to expose things Macca’s didn’t want customers to know.

TikTok user @blexican_shay83, from the United States, took to the social media platform to share a video of “things McDonald’s won’t tell y’all.”

She said the eggs, pancakes, and burrito mix came pre-made, so all staff had to do was warm them up, with the video showing the items in tightly sealed plastic packaging.

The young social media creator seemed outraged at the idea that some of the items weren’t prepared in-store but rather prepared at another facility and shipped to the restaurants.

She routinely posts videos on social media of her time working at the restaurant.

Social media users seem to think the way the video was sold as a revelation was hilarious, with many asking if anyone actually thought everything was fresh.

“Did anyone think it was homemade? We know everything is frozen just needs to microwave,” one social media user commented.

Another said things had changed over the years, commenting” “Damn, things have changed since I used to work at McDonald’s … we used to make all those eggs. But everything else was pre-made, like pancakes and burrito mix.”

“I get them pancakes at the grocery store like that. They good either way,” one said.

Another added: “Obviously. Did you think that people believed that they made the stuff from scratch there?”

“Yeah. You expect a fast food place to make all this fresh? This is the exact same as most school lunches,” another social media user commented.

One added: “Duh, that’s only common sense that fast food ISN’T fresh. Otherwise it would take way longer. And anyone who’s worked fast food knows this.”

But others were outraged, asking if that was the case and why they repeatedly experienced a lengthy wait for food.

A spokesperson from McDonald’s Australia told “We proudly use 100 percent Australian fresh, whole cage-free eggs sourced from farms across the country for our breakfast muffins.

“Our soft and fluffy Hotcakes are ready-made and frozen fresh, so we can provide a quick, delicious breakfast for customers to enjoy every time.

“We purchase over 90 per cent of our fresh produce, products, and ingredients such as beef, chicken, milk, wheat, eggs, crisp lettuce, tomatoes, and apples from thousands of farmers, right here in Australia.”

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