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LaManna: ‘Best supermarket in Australia’ found

It’s been described as “the best supermarket in Australia.”

Italian supermarket LaManna in Essendon Fields, in northwest Melbourne, is making waves as literally the “perfect” supermarket.

The LaManna family opened the hit store in 2010 and has slowly built up a cult following.

And it really is a family affair.

Vince LeManna, along with his wife Linda and their children and grandchildren, run the store.

What was envisioned to be a 100 percent Aussie-grown fruit and veg has since evolved to incorporate meat, deli, seafood, bakery, patisserie, and groceries.

LaManna’s mission statement, “For the love of food,” seems spot on.

One fan described it as a “gym junkies dream” on Tik Tok.

The young man, using the handle @kruptsupps, told his followers he had been told about the place “many times,” but when he visited, he realized why everyone was raving about it.


“They’ve got pre-made meals by the bulk starting at just 5 freaking dollars. I’ve got napoli pasta and butter chicken with rice from my last video … yes they have low calorie options too, they even have vegan and vegetarian options available …”

Another TikToker noted you “can’t beat Lemanna (sic). Fresh and definitely get the top tier for what you pay. The best service of staff and try out the coffee at the cafe.”

Another described it as “the best … way better than Coles and Woolies especially their meats,” but acknowledged it can get pricey.

While another said they “shopped there every week, The fruit and veg is so full of flavour … much better quality vs Coles/ Woolies. Lasts much longer. It’s perfect.”

Melbourne paper The Age even went as far as to describe it as “probably the best supermarket in Australia” in 2014.

Food reviewer Dani Valent wrote she was “sitting in a supermarket cafe and there are strange words coming out of my mouth. ‘This place is great!’ Who says that at a supermarket, normally the site of retail woe, wonky trolleys, whinging kids and plastic everything?,” she wondered.

Valent went on to describe LaManna as an “absolute phenomenon, a 10,000 square-metre gourmet supermarket of unspeakable bounty”.

She concluded: “I usually leave supermarkets feeling deflated and depleted. I leave LaManna feeling buoyant and full of fond feelings for humanity, not to mention with a boot bursting with fine produce. If this is shopping, write me a list and send me yonder.”

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