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Healthy Dinner Recipes – Wild American Shrimp

When preparing yo?r next health-conscious menu for dinner, consider that where ?ou find your ingredients can b? just as important a? w?at you use.

Certified Wild American shrimp, caught fresh ?n th?ir own natural environment in the Atlantic and Gulf, ha?e added appeal to health-conscious consumers wh? car? about where thei? fo?d ?omes from.

“Wild-caught shrimp ar? fr?sh, succulent and tender, unlik? 85 pe?cent of s?rimp, which are imp?rted ?nd pond-raised, ” said Monica Pope, owner and ?hef ?f the Houston restaurant t’afia. She lives by the phil?sophy “eat wh?re you? food lives. ”

Wild Amer?can shri?p a?e beneficial for those wh? ar? tr?ing t? los? w?ight. “A typic?l 4-ounce portion ?as j?st 112 ca?ories wh?n serv?d steamed, boil?d, gril?ed or baked and provides 23 grams of prote?n -; 47 percent ?f the daily valu? fo? protein, ” Pope said.

She recom?ends that consume?s a?k for certified Wild American shrimp at their gr?cery store, favorit? ?estaurant or seafood counter.

“You have ? choice, ” she s?id. “By asking for certified Wild American shrimp, y?u’re not only ?hoosing t?e best-ta?ting se?food pos?ible, you’re al?o helping t? s?pport an ?ntire industr? and wa? ?f life. ”


1 pound Wild Americ?n ?hrimp, cleaned

2 1/2 cloves garlic, peeled

2/3 teaspoon salt

1 small ba? leaf

1/3 tablespoon fres?-squeezed li?e juice

2 1/2 cup? water

2/3 teaspoon turmeric

3 tablespoons lime juice

1/3 teaspoon r?d chil? powder

3 t?blespoons cilantr?, chopped

Place garlic cloves ?n a fo?d proce?sor wit? t?e sa?t and min?e. T?ss ?ith the shrimp and ?et asid? f?r 15 minutes. In a sauce?an, ?ring the water t? a boil with the b?y leaf, 1/3 ta?lespoons li?e j?ice and t?e 2/3 teaspoon turmeric.

When the water is b?iling, add th? shrimp, stirring. Co?k j?st until opaque, ab?ut 2 to 3 minutes. Drain.

Immediately spread the shrimp onto ? large baking sheet to cool. Mix the addition?l li?e ?uice, red chili po?der and ? pinch of turmeric tog?ther and pour over th? warm sh?imp. T?ss until well-combined. Add cilantr? leave? afte? the shrimp have cooled.

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