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Healthy Recipes for Dinners

Diets that are hard to follow can lead to the roller coaster of weight loss and weight gain. Healthy recipes for dinner are the best way to change those bad eating habits and start looking and feeling better than ever.

I would like to share my past experience with you. I ate only one meal a day for years and continued to gain weight even though I was exercising five days a week. I tried every fad diet out there. Changing my eating habits to have healthy recipes for dinner is what finally made the difference. Healthy dinners are the key to not only keeping your weight under control but will make you look and feel great giving you more self- confidence.

Eating several small meals a day will get your metabolism going. You don’t have to give up the foods you love or exercise 24/7 either. Learn to eat the right foods at the right times during the day to naturally increase your fat (calorie) burning metabolism. You will find you actually can eat more if you eat the right foods. Healthy recipes for dinner can boost your confidence and keep you and your family, healthy and happy.

Bland, boring meals that you don’t enjoy will leave you physically full but mentally hungry. Here is a typical daily menu that is very tasty and worked for me. It seems like a lot of food, but each of these meals are quite small and taste great. Eat small amounts every three hours.

  • Meal one: 1 protein and 1 starchy carb

4 egg whites with a small amount of Sea Salt
½ cup old fashioned oatmeal with a sprinkle of cinnamon and a packet of Truvia ( calorie free sweetener), a small amount of fat free milk to get to the consistence you like. Pure unsweetened Almond milk is good,

  • Meal two: I protein and 1 simple carb

½ cup of low fat cottage cheese
1 small apple or banana, or any fruit you like

  • Meal three: 1 protein and 1 fibrous carb

4 ounce grilled chicken breast
As many steamed vegetables as you like, fresh or frozen.

  • Meal four: 1 protein and 1 fibrous carb

2 Tablespoons of peanut butter with as many celery sticks you want or 5-6 crackers

  • Meal five: I protein and 1 fibrous carb

4 ounce grilled fish of your choice Green leafy salad with low fat dressing

Add two tablespoons of healthy oil such as extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil, to your food each day. Drink at least one 12 ounce glass of water before your meal and one with your meal. Sip on water throughout the day. Have one splurge meal each week.

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