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Best Ingredients For A Fast Healthy Dinner

A healthier and slimmer body starts from healthy choice of meal ingredients. As you normally do not carry out heavy activities after dinner, it is common to consume dishes with fewer calories during your evening meal. However, although you need to limit the fat and calorie intake in your dinner entrée, it is not necessary to cut off flavor. Below are four great dinner ingredients; high in flavor, low in calorie, and fast to cook:

1. Steak

Once in a while, it is okay to consume steak. Choose one without any addition of fats. Consuming local organic beef is even healthier not only for you, but also for your environment. For your main dish, serve a 4-ounce top round or sirloin by grilling or broiling. How long to grill or broil your steak depends on how thick your steak is. You will generally need 6-8 minutes to cook per side. Steak can also be sliced thinly to include in your salad or mixed with vegetables for delicious fajitas.
2.  Mushrooms

If you really want to try avoiding meat, mushrooms are the perfect substitution. Recent studies discovered that people who consume mushroom-based meals are as satisfied as those who consume meat. Replacing meat in your favorite dish with mushroom will get rid of about 420 calories from your dinner. Besides, mushrooms are also a lot healthier since they don’t contain saturated fats like meat. Mushrooms can be eaten raw or cooked. Sautéing sliced or chopped mushrooms will take around five minutes, while roasting mushrooms in 400-degree oven needs around 30 minutes.
3. Avocado

You should know that avocado is high in fat. However, the fat contained in the fruit is the one we are looking for. Monounsaturated fat from this green, creamy fruit helps increasing satiety. Avocadoes are best eaten raw, not cooked. Use avocado in your sandwich as the substitution for mayo. Besides as sandwich stuffing, avocado is also known as the main ingredient of the famous Mexican dipper in the world: guacamole.
4. Wild salmon

Fish in general contains high omega-3 fatty acids which help improving insulin sensitivity. As the result, your muscles will be toned and your belly fat will be reduced. Wild salmons are the best option as they might contain fewer pollutants. You do not need much effort in making the fish tastes delicious. With a little salt, pepper, and olive oil, cooking a fillet of wild salmon in a hot pan for 1 to 3 minutes on each side will boost the flavor. Serve with chopped vegetables for extra fiber content.

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