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complete guide to prawns

Prawns are eaten throughout the year, but they really shine around Christmas.

They are the star of a variety of dishes, from simple sandwiches with prawns cooked to a platter of crispy prawns and dipping sauces for a party.

With a little knowledge, you can prepare prawns quickly and easily. This guide will teach you everything you need to be aware of, from the types to what to look out for while shopping to the preparation methods.

Recipes for Prawns

  • Make delicate salads with cooked prawns.
  • Garlic prawns are a delicious way to transform green (uncooked), uncooked prawns.
  • Use prawns that have been peeled to make prawn paste, which can be used for Asian-style dumplings and patties, as well as skewers.

How to buy prawns

Prawns can be purchased cooked, frozen, or raw. The prawns can be bought in their shell or peeled. According to a general rule, 1kg of prawns with a shell contains about 24 medium-sized prawns. This is equal to about 500g of prawns that have been peeled.

You can find three types of prawns at the supermarket’s seafood counter and frozen seafood section.

Uncooked green prawns. The flesh is translucent and changes color when cooked.

Prawns cooked: These are boiled as soon as the prawns have been caught. The flesh is pale orange and opaque.

Prawn Meat: These are prawns that have been peeled and frozen. You can purchase them either green or cooked.

Prawns of different types

There are many different types of prawns. They vary in appearance, size, and taste. This guide will explain the different types of prawns and how to prepare them.

1 – King prawns

What is it?

King prawns tend to be larger than tiger shrimps. They are Australia’s favorite prawns. The flesh is moist and medium-firm, with a rich flavor. Raw, their tail ends are brightly blue.

When should you eat them?

King prawns can be enjoyed all year but are best in the late summer and early winter.

Use them to:

To make the most out of their beautiful appearance, leave king prawns in whole form.

Serve cold king prawns with a tasty dipping sauce or in a seafood dish.

2 – Tiger prawns

What is it?

Tiger prawns are large and have a firm, moist flesh with a medium taste. The stripes are distinctively grey, black, or blue and turn red when they’re cooked.

When should you eat them?

Tiger prawns can be found all year long. The best time to eat them is from mid-autumn through late summer.

Use them to:

Serve the prawns in their whole form with mayonnaise, aioli, or other sauces to bring out their vibrant color.

Add to soups as their flesh is firm and holds together well.

Use to cook on the BBQ or make garlic prawns.

3 – Banana prawns

What is it?

The prawns are medium-sized and have a mild, sweet flavor. There are two types: the regular banana prawns with red legs and the white banana prawns with cream and yellow legs.

When to eat them

All year long, banana prawns can be found. Mid-autumn is when they’re at their best.

Use them to:

Chop the banana prawns to use in prawn cakes and terrines.

Use in Asian cuisine – their sweetness goes well with spicy flavors.

4 – School prawns

What are?

These tiny prawns, due to their limited shelf life, are almost always sold as cooked. These prawns are moist, sweet, and delicious.

When should you eat them?

They are available throughout the year but at their best from late spring until early autumn.

Use them to:

Add cooked peeled school prawns into fried rice.

Make a classic cocktail with prawns.

Are prawns healthy

Prawns can be good for you. Prawns are high in protein, and they contain omega-3 fatty acids that are good for your heart. They are low in saturated fat and fat when cooked using healthy methods like grilling, steaming, or stir-frying.

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