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top 10 Christmas recipes from 2013 to 2023

Maple honey mustard glazed ham (Australia’s #1 glazed ham recipe)

We’ve discovered that the simplest recipes often make the best hams for Christmas. You may be tempted to choose a recipe with fancy ingredients, but you don’t have to. This glazed ham is the best recipe we have ever tried. We have tested it on hundreds, if not thousands, of guests. The maple syrup and honey, combined with the mustard, give the baked human an attractive golden-brown top. This caramelization is achieved without the ham being overly sweet. Check out the notes below for tips and tricks on scoring, preparing,g and storing your glazed HHam.

Classic potato salad

The ultimate Aussie side is potato salad: it’s creamy, easy, and always a hit with the crowd. This potato salad recipe’s secret is the addition of crispy onions and fried bacon. It really brings the flavor and texture up a notch. We have a recipe for potato salad that will suit any occasion, whether you are making it for a midweek meal or a Christmas lunch. Alison Adams, Food Write,r and recipe tester, has added additional notes to the recipes.

Oysters Kilpatrick

Many people love oysters Kilpatrick for its smoky, salty bacon topping. Add a squeeze or two of lemon juice to the dish for a tangy contrast. There are many ways to dress oysters. Our popular Champagne oysters make a great party food.

Traditional Christmas gingerbread

All will try to eat the delicious gingerbread men.

Jo’s white Christmas pie’s laylablueshell has created a festive slice that is perfect for both kids and adults!

Summer Berry Trifle

The community loves this summer berry trifle, with more than 120 5-star reviews to back it up. This delicious trifle has all the ingredients of an Australian summer trifle, including strawberry jelly, jam rolls, sweet sherr,y and custard. It’s topped with seasonal, bright berries. We don’t believe trifle is just for one day of the year. Why not enjoy it all year round? Seeking even more trifle inspiration? Try these top-notch trifles.

Traditional Shortbread

This is the recipe you need if, like me, you believe that shortbread should only be made with sweet butter and just enough flour to hold it together. Rice flour is key to our traditional recipe for shortbread. Rice flour is added to some shortbread recipes which use plain flour. This results in an almost sandy, crisper biscuit, but in a good way. Our traditional shortbread is cut in petticoat-tail shapes. Mary Queen of Scots thought that the curved triangles looked like dresses. Butter was expensive when shortbread was invented, and it was reserved for special occasions. This recipe and fresh butter are all you need to enjoy this delicious buttery treat throughout the year.

Traditional pavlova

Pavlova, a favorite in Australia, is a meringue-based dessert with a soft marshmallowy center.

Traditional Christmas Pudding

Five words: Leave room for dessert. This traditional Christmas favorite is a delicious way to end your feast: a moist steamed pudding with sweet fruit flavors and a hint of brandy. We have some great ideas to make use of leftover Christmas pudding. We also have a fantastic gluten-free recipe for steamed pud.

Layered pasta salad for Christmas

This layered pasta salad will add color and sparkle to your Christmas dinner.

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